40 Years of Care


About Us

Origins Home Health Care is founded on the principles of trust, skills, and excellence in care that comes with years of experience and dedication. We are a locally owned, California based company with our headquarters centrally located in Anaheim. We serve various counties in the Southern California region including Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and Kern counties.
We always strive to provide excellent service to patients and partners in the industry and our care team.


Our mission is to partner with families and clients to provide compassionate care for health, wellness and independence by a RN led caregiving team.

Origins Home Health Care believes that as an organization we have the responsibility to provide excellent care to every person we serve. That every individual has a different talent, gift, and strengths with a common basic need of love, care, compassion, belonging, dignity, and respect.



Origins Home Health Care Inc recognizes the following values and their role in fulfilling our mission.


Commitment to Our Clients

We recognize the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each person. We strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and service to clients, caregivers, visitors and one another.


Commitment to Our

We strive to create an environment of teamwork and participation where people pursue excellence and take pride in their work, the organization and their own personal development.


Commitment to Our

We maintain financial viability through cost effective operations to meet the organization’s long-term commitment to our clients and to the community.


Commitment to

We deliver state-of-the art services with identified centers of excellence. We engage in a wide range of continuing education and other programs for our staff and the public at large.


“Every individual has a need of love, compassion, dignity, and respect.”


Our Founder’s Story

I started my nursing career at a very young age. Coming from a big family and a culture of love, care and respect for our parents, I helped them take care of my younger siblings while they went to work to meet our financial needs. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing to start my formal nursing career in a government medical center.

Within a year I had to put my career aside to take care of someone very close to my heart, my father who was needing dialysis. With limited experience at the time, I was confronted with his health declining, and the reality of losing him at a very young age. I took on the lead role of his care, as my mom and younger siblings looked up to me for support and guidance.  I trusted my nursing skills and our Christian values to guide me in making the right decision for him and our family.

His condition continued to decline and sadly our family lost our father at a young age. Through those years of caring for my father I thought I had learned and developed a better understanding of nursing, caring, dedication and service. It was just the beginning of my path.

Now, over 40 years of being in the healthcare industry, I’ve done and seen it all. I have worked in various specialties in nursing including at the bedside, as an educator, mentor, leader and even a patient myself.  I have had the sense of comfort within the four walls working in the hospital, clinic or ambulatory center to feeling the ambiguity of visiting patients in their home as home health nurse. 

I learned as an employee and now as an employer, in arenas from critical care to home health care, one striking realization – “Life is a gift.” Every human being is unique with basic needs of love, care and attention. Here at Origins Home Health Care, we celebrate that gift with you. We are committed to our clients and we’re committed to family. We are here to partner with you to help you achieved your healthcare goals.

Thank you for choosing Origins Home Health Care, Inc.


Shirley Tanuyan, BSN RN CCRN
Origins Home Health Care
Founder & CEO

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Thank you for choosing Origins Home Health Care, Inc.